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Useful Fashion Tips for Females with Wide Hips

Useful Fashion Tips for Females with Wide Hips

While shopping, do you try every dress to check out your shape in it? Do the wide hips harass you or make you feel awkward? This happens with women having a pear-shaped body. They constantly try to hide the wide hips with different outfits, and many times fail also. Dressing thick hips can be much complicated especially when it comes to balancing that proportion. Imagine selecting those trousers, pants or even jeans. Pulling them for perfect fitting over the hips is truly struggling.

So, what is the solution to such an irritating selection task? Should women with big hips look for oversized clothes?

If you are also facing such issues, this is the right place to be in.

Styling tips for wide hips females
Here are some accurate tips suggested by the styling experts that would help you get that perfect look.

What neckline are you choosing?
While focusing on the wide hips, women basically forget to think over the neckline. But one of the best ways to deal with the wide hips is focusing on the neckline of the outfit you have selected. Check out the neckline as well as the shoulders too. Look for outfits that have wide necklines along with off shoulder designs that would make the broad shoulders visible. This would drag all the attraction of the viewers towards the shoulders and neckline providing less importance to the wide hips.

Don’t forget the waistline
Next comes the waistline. Leaving the waistline free and doubled with loose clothes would bring all the focus there adding to a worse look to the wide hips. Focus on the waistline also. Look for outfits that come with a belt or is fit at the waist. Again, it doesn’t need to be tight after the waist also. A mild flare or a cut after the waist is a good way to hide the wide hips.

Go for long length Tops
For a completely slim look over the waist and hips, replacing the short t-shirts with the long length tops or t-shirts would be a great move. When the tops are given a length that is extended below the hipbone would make your torso appear longer. This would also cover the big hips and give you a slim appearance.

The innerwear also matters
This might be surprising, but the innerwear you select for yourself also matters while looking for slimming the hip look. Look for a padded bra or the push-up ones. This would add some volume to the bust and would help in hiding the wideness of the hips. Adding to the bras, looking for some supporting knickers would help in toning the hip areas in the outfit you wear and sooth it too.

The Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Face

The Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Face

A washable marker, lipstick, a bar of soap, or a pencil are all good options. In front of a mirror, stand at arm’s length. Trace the contour of your face on the mirror’s surface, starting at your chin and finishing at your hairline, trying not to let your hand stray. Take a step back and examine the form that has resulted.

These curves are a force to be reckoned with! The round face features prominent curves and less distinct angles than the square face. The finest glasses for round faces eschew curved features in favor of strong angular lines that assist lengthen and sharpen your face. High-on-the-temple, colorful frames may also benefit this facial type. Rectangle, square, wrap, and shield shaped glasses look best on round faces.

Faces with a square form are typically the same length and width throughout the face, with a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. Round or oval-shaped glasses are excellent for square faces since they assist to balance out the sharpness of the face. Aviators, butterfly, round, and any frame shape that promotes oval or circular curves are examples of frames that might work well for square faces. With a square face, center or top set temples are the way to go.

Because every frame looks amazing, oval faces have it made! Because oval faces have gently rounded, generally even features, almost any frame will look well on them. Everything works, from designer to sport, fashion to function. Choose sunglasses that cover the face from the brows to the cheekbones, rather than large frames that obscure those lovely symmetrical features.

Faces that are oblong, also known as rectangle, are long and thin with few angles. With large sunglasses, an oblong face looks very good. Larger wayfarer or rectangular lenses, as well as thick-framed sunglasses, lend breadth to a long face. Sunglasses with tall or deep lenses and vintage-style frames are another choice, since the strong angles and aggressive lines will give oblong faces an edge, bringing out otherwise delicate features. Wrap, shield, square, wayfarer, and rectangular styles from this category will turn heads. Small frames should be avoided by those with oblong features.

Diamond-shaped faces have a thin jawline and forehead, with the cheekbones being the most prominent feature. Wide or high cheekbones will look better with oval and rimless frames. Frames with mild curves should be used on diamond faces and should not be broader than the wearer’s cheekbones.

The temples are the broadest and the chin is the smallest on a heart-shaped face, often known as a triangle. Because they transfer focus downward and extend the face, the ideal sunglasses for heart and triangle shaped features have wide lower borders with no straight lines along the top. Cat-eye glasses or spectacles with rounded edges are excellent for giving the user a more balanced appearance. Shield, butterfly, rimless, or aviator frames will look best on this facial shape.

Brows and Lashes in Plymouth Done Safely

Brows and Lashes in Plymouth Done Safely

Many people avoided cosmetic treatments for brows and lashes in Plymouth during COVID-pandemic to stay safe. But COVID-19 reopening enables them a variety of eyebrow and eyelash treatments. Also, the beauty salons have been eliminating the risk of coronavirus infections by upgrading their infrastructure, training employees, and implementing safety measures.

Also, most beauty salons in Plymouth these days make sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization a continuous process. Hence, you will notice many changes while visiting a salon in Plymouth after COVID-19 lockdowns. While getting a cosmetic brow or lash treatment, you must focus on identifying the COVID-safe beauty salons in Plymouth.

You must evaluate and compare the safety measures implemented by various salons by gathering updated information from their websites. But you cannot remain safe in the post-pandemic age simply by choosing the right salon. In addition to choosing a COVID-safe salon, you must protect yourself from coronavirus by adopting a slew of best practices.

Best Practices to Get Brow and Lash Treatments in Plymouth Safely after COVID-19 Lockdowns

Evaluate Infrastructural Changes

Most beauty salons in Plymouth eliminate COVID-19 risk by modifying and upgrading their infrastructure. For instance, many salons keep customers safe by installing plexiglass partition dividers, installing ventilation systems, and placing stations six feet apart. But you must read the information posted on its website to ensure that the infrastructural changes make the nail salon COVID-safe.

Emphasize Proper Ventilation

No salon can prevent coronavirus transmission and mitigate COVID risk without ensuing proper and continuous ventilation. While comparing the beauty salons in Plymouth, you must check if the establishment has installed ventilation systems. The ventilation systems prevent coronavirus from spreading by exchanging indoor and outdoor air continuously.

Avoid Certain Treatments and Techniques

While performing cosmetic treatments for brows and lashes, professional brow artists use a variety of techniques. Also, beauty salons allow you to choose from different types of brow and lash treatments. You must remember that certain techniques increase the risk of coronavirus infections. For instance, the risk of coronavirus infection increases when the brow artist uses the mouth holding technique while performing eyebrow threading.

How to Get a Funny T-shirt For Your Wife

How to Get a Funny T-shirt For Your Wife

That perfect gift for your special someone…
Worried about what to get your lovely wifey? So many options but still not getting the one that can bring a smile on your partner’s face, something that she can treasure and feel closely? Ever thought about what could make her feel like she’s over the moon? Well, it’s definitely not something very expensive but it should be something meaningful.

So if you want to paint the town red, what could be a better option than gifting her a cute, cozy, funky t-shirt? Who doesn’t like wearing t-shirts? And, when it has been given to you by a special person, it definitely adds more meaning to it. Believe me, she would be happy as a clan, feeling the warmth of your love.

There’s no denying the fact that t-shirts are a classic gift choice. It’s surely a useful and practical gift that is a hit across all the age groups. And, speaking of a memorable gift – Funny t-shirts take the cake!

Think about a gift that you can cherish everyday, isn’t it a great idea having a couple of funny couple t-shirts? This doesn’t only strengthen the bond of the couple but also gives them a reason to smile and celebrate their relationship. And, when it’s about giving something special to your significant other, a t-shirt is definitely a good idea.

How to find a funny t-shirt for your lady?
Well, there are plenty of sites where you can buy as well as customize very good quality funny t-shirts for women. So, let’s discuss a few tips to find that perfect funny t-shirt that will uplift her mood in a blink of an eye.

TeePublic is one such site where you can buy unique, funny and quirky premium t-shirts. Apart from t-shirts, it also deals with phone cases, hoodies, art prints, notebooks and mugs that are designed and created by independent artists from around the globe.

It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your artistic self. You can create your own beautiful collection, digitally prepare your file for printing, customize it and with the help of its hassle free uploader instantly publish it to your store.

Redbubble is a australian based global online marketplace. It’s a market platform for print-on-demand products, that includes T-shirts, hoodies, scarves, skirts, leggings, cushions, duvet covers and stickers.

Additionally, it has a huge range of t-shirts in different sizes from XS to 5XL and different styles: v-neck or crew neckline, short, baseball sleeves to long sleeves, slim or relaxed fit and from light and medium fabrics to heavy fabrics.

Different Sunglasses

Different Sunglasses

The black tiny spectacles look amazing when perched on the elegant noses of catwalk models, and fashionistas were quick to jump on board with the trend. The word got out that narrow specs were back in style.

We’ve been pressing on and loving the enthusiasm that the start of a new year brings – especially in fashion – since it began. Eyewear is the most personal item because it isn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all, and you’ve definitely figured out which men’s and women’s sunglasses in Sri Lanka fit your face shape by now.

Miniature round eyeglasses are now perched on the noses of celebrities all around the world. Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are among the celebrities who wear thin-framed sunglasses. Round sunglasses are now a must-have addition for everyone looking to make a statement and add extra characteristics to their everyday wardrobe in the current world.

Of course, the small round sunglasses aesthetic isn’t new. It all goes back to Matrix actress Carrie-Anne Moss, who wore a pair of spoon-shaped shades in the 1990s blockbuster. Micro-frames were the ultimate in chic for cool women in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they’re making a comeback as the vintage shades of choice for girls in the twenty-first century.

When used as they should be, right beneath the nose and stared over rather than viewed through, petite sunglasses frames can look truly bizarre. The small lenses may score big aesthetic points, but they’re not likely to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays or be suitable on the beach or around the pool. Thus, tiny sunglasses are truly just for the sake of being fashionable and trendy.

Small sunglasses have been popular since the 1940s, when spherical circular sunglasses were the preferred style, long before John Lennon reintroduced them in the 1960s. Bella Hadid, today’s fashion icon, is credited with spearheading the revival of the tiny sunglasses frame wherever she goes.

What really led to the trend of wearing tiny sunglasses goes back to the early 90’s. Indeed, we have pretty much idolized celebrities such as the Olsen twins, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. These celebs loved dark-tinted tiny sunglasses, which, when combined with flannels, scarves and coats, served to blur the contours of their bodies and faces in front of paparazzi lenses.

However, with the introduction of social media in the late 1980s, a paradigm shift occurred. Stars place themselves in front of the camera rather than hiding from it. Any face-covering items, such as scarves, hats, or sunglasses, would be inappropriate. Access has become a thing, rather than anonymity, as a mark of status. To be accessible, you must, both figuratively and practically, reveal your face.

First came the Aviator sunglasses, which were popular in the 1990’s, and then switched to bright pastels or vintage with thin rims and tinted lenses. Then there were the colourless, phony micro-spectacles, which were worn and adorned by every fashion icon moving through the paparazzi. A few tiny sunglasses from Gucci were adorned with embellishments, which have also become a hot trend for those chasing them. However, along with micro-shades, people are obsessed with oversized sunglasses as well, making it a way to evade the paparazzi while still maintaining the best, oblivious poses.

Heart-throbbing Kids Apparel Trends

Heart-throbbing Kids Apparel Trends

As an up-to-date fashionista mommy, your next big responsibility is to make your kid look as trendy and fashionable as yourself. You would want to style your kid in clothes that are not only comfortable but also stylish, and in sync with the latest fashion trends. We know you feel delighted when someone compliments your kid’s cute and attractive dressing style that suits any and every occasion perfectly. And this is why you are always on the lookout for the most stylish kid’s clothing that there is. Keeping up with the trends is just one of your daily tasks now, and guess what? We have got just the right thing for you!

Quarantine sure has made us all sit at home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look all cute and adorable behind the screens. This is the perfect time to adorn your kid in the best and the most stylish clothing designs and make him/her stand out as the spotlight of the virtual brunch party. Here are the best trends of 2020 that have been ruling the kids clothing world and it’s time for you to incorporate all of these in your kid’s wardrobe. Get ready to make your kid the trendsetter!

Get that bling

It’s all about the shine of the bling. With the festive season being right around the corner, it is the perfect time to adorn your baby girl in the bling of elegance. This is the time to bring the fairytale fantasy of your pretty little sunshine into reality with an adorable and fascinating black dress. The next step is accessorizing. Black goes with anything and everything. You can make your munchkin a real Disney princess by making her wear a tiara, or you can put her hair up in an elegant bun with a hairband. Pair the outfit with some ballerinas or fluffy flats and your girl is all set to look like a true princess.

It’s time to stripe up

Your little boy is growing to be a big, bold man. The young hero in him is roaring, and you need to channelize it through his style, making him look like the boss man he is. Make him look his best elegant by bringing back the basics from the wardrobe. Give his favourite, comfy t-shirt an edgy look by adding some spunk and depth to it. Get your hands on the classic navy checkered or striped two-piece suit. Sport it up to the next level with some white sneakers and pair it up with a bold wristwatch or bracelet. This whole outfit will make your boy look like a dashing rockstar.

Pinks are always in

4 heart-throbbing kids apparel trends that you need to follow right now-1-Mamanbaba

The vintage aesthetic of pink hue never goes out of fashion. This 90s style is here to rock and make your little girl look like the true princess she is. Put down your little munchkin in her favourite colour and see her light up the room the moment she enters. It is time for your little heroine to show off her charm and allure in front of everyone. Pick up the pinky polka-dotted blouse and pair it up with a frill skirt for the best style. This will make her look adorable and trendy at the same time. To amp up her retro look, tie her hair up in a sleek high ponytail and wrap it up with a velvet scrunchie. Get her those butterfly wings at the back and watch her fly.

Float In Various Colours Of Shorts For Women

Float In Various Colours Of Shorts For Women

Shorts are an easy to wear apparel and can be paired wisely to create your best look. The cotton shorts are the best when comfort is set as priority. It is the breathable material that acts as a cooling agent. The shorts for girls should not be too tight nor too loose, they need to be skin friendly. Through online shopping numerous options have been opened up for girls to shop. They can now hunt for the best on different online sites and pick the one for them. All new shades have been introduced at trusted e-commerce sites. Let us see what they are.

Why should boys have all the fun? The one catchphrase became the famous comeback for any gender-based argument. Thereby introducing classic women shorts to encounter the real feels of comfort. In our society women are forbidden with many essentials, thereby the online brands are breaking the barriers with the launch of ladies shorts too. When men can be in comfort, why women cant? Thereby register yourself with the fact that style doesn’t define gender, caste, or creed. Style is a universal art that belongs to everyone and indeed is varied from person to person.

Now time to get excited as I will state some of the styling ways to use with women’s shorts

Pair your plain t-shirt with the cotton-based Shorts for Women . This basic and casual look is widely acknowledged in the fashion market for women. With cool feels at the top and bottom, you can feel lightened up the whole day. The next time you are going out to get the essentials, you know what you are wearing.

Now you can glam up your look with flared tops and women’s clothing. With the v neck or round neck or a peplum top, you can rock your look with the classic shorts. Wrap up the further look with sneakers and make your fashion lookbook live.

Go short with a crop top and style it with womans shorts. These Tops are basic and cute and add style to your overall look. When planning for a trek or a picnic, this look will be your go-to look any day. The look will beat the summer or monsoon heat altogether.

You can style your checks shirt too with women shorts. Just a slight tuck in or a knot in front can make your look go casual to stylish. The look will define your day with utmost comfort and confidence. What can be a better outfit that provides style with comfort.

Even a cotton hoodie will go with ladies shorts. Follow the basic rule of fashion with loose top-wear and fitted bottom wear and make a style statement.

These were some of the styles for Shorts for Women to indulge in your routine and set the day with the right vibe. Discover this piece of clothing as it is basic, classic, and versatile. Let the regrets take a pause and good feels take a swing.

Sage green colour: This is the unique colour that has never been seen before. One can wear this during the vacation or at an all-girls night out or house party. They are highly comfortable, easy to clean and feel soft. The girls cotton shorts can be achieved in single pieces or in bulk as well. While getting in bulk there are chances of heavy discount on it.

Expect When You Get A Nose Ring

Expect When You Get A Nose Ring

There was a time when I wanted a nose ring in a big way. All of my favorite bands had at least one member with one, and it just looked so cool. Unfortunately, my parents put the kibosh on the whole thing for one reason or another. This was particular upsetting because my parents were cool with a lot of things, but this was one thing that was a big NO for them.

Fast-forward about a decade or so, and I’m visiting my folks with my longtime girlfriend. As soon as the door opens & my mom greets us – BAM! She has her nose pierced! Are you kidding? Are you even kidding me?!? Apparently, my mom just wanted to do something to celebrate being in her late-50s. In other words, she felt like doing something & just did it.

One night during this visit, she apologized to me over a cup of coffee for the whole nose ring spat back when I was a teenager. She could tell this whole thing was a bit upsetting. As consolation, she did at least want to give me a little insight into what she experienced. This included:

Pain & Discomfort – My mom is what someone of a certain age would call a ‘tough broad’. So, it struck me to hear her talk about her nose piercing hurting a little. It wasn’t a big ‘Ow!’, but it was certainly not fun. Her biggest gripe was the discomfort of the piercing process. While relatively quick, it was still someone putting a foreign object into her nostril.

A Wallet-Friendly Price Point – The one thing she really liked about the piercing, though, was how affordable it was. Looking over the average cost of nose rings, you can expect to pay somewhere in the area of $40-$60 (factors impacting price will vary). My mom figured that even if the piercing was not to her liking in a few weeks, she could just take it out & not feel too bad about the money she spent.

The Need for Aftercare – Few things in life annoy my mother like a medication schedule. She’ll even avoid OTC medication just because she doesn’t like meds impacting her in any way. When she got her nose pierced, however, she was really bummed about the amount of aftercare she had to undertake. Being mindful of her nose, keeping her hands uber-washed all the time, the saline wash, avoiding her multiple cups of coffee per day, and no make-up were enough to driver her batty. In fact, most piercing studios will give you a long DON’T/AVOID list for your piercing care.

Healing Time – Eventually, my mom got on a schedule for taking care of her nose ring. There was just one problem – she didn’t think it’d take that long to heal. Most piercing experts note that nose piercings can often take as much as six months to heal. Lo and behold, that’s about how long my mom had to wait to get her normal modus operandi back. Needless to say, Momma wasn’t pleased. And as the old adage goes, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy”.

Stylish Men Love Carrying a Luxurious Leather Card Holder

Stylish Men Love Carrying a Luxurious Leather Card Holder

Owning a leather card holder comes with the convenience of carrying essentials. From a driving license to a credit card, you can carry the selected cards wherever you go. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry if the cards don’t fit in your wallet anymore.

These holders are classy, trendy, and are highly durable. Not just men, but the women of 2021 also prefer carrying these carriers to manage their essential stuff.

Why should you carry a leather card case? Is it any better than carrying a wallet? Here are some undeniable benefits of carrying a card case. Not only does it make your pocket look slim, but you can easily manage your essential items without losing or damaging them.

Here are nine benefits you can get after spending a few bucks on a leather card case.

1. They are Highly Durable
Fabricated using leather, these card holders are known to have a longer life than wallets made using synthetic material. Some of these cases can even last a lifetime if you invest in proper care and maintenance.

In a nutshell, you can use one card holder for years, and that’s why this accessory is definitely worth investing in.

2. Always in Fashion
Just like a waist belt, and a wallet, a card case is always in fashion. Whether you want it to accompany you for a typical day at work or while traveling, you can count on the luxurious card wallet.

Moreover, the accessory is spacious, and you can ditch the traditional wallet while carrying your essentials in the card case.

3. They Make You Look Stylish
Undoubtedly, leather card holders are stylish and classy. The timeless piece of art gets even better as it ages. Luxurious cases are always in great demand, as they add a style statement to your personality.

Made using the finest top-grain pelt, these cases can be carried on any occasion or venue. Either hold it in your hand or carry it inside your pocket for added convenience.

4. They are Versatile
Card holders are versatile, and you can use them to carry other stuff as well, including cash, photos, and more. A sleek leather case can have more than six slots where you can stash the cards and other items you want to carry.

Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote Bags The Best Everyday Accessory

Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote Bags The Best Everyday Accessory

An all-time favourite accessory for women is the tote bag – a versatile product that combines practicality with elegance so effortlessly. Expressing yourself through an accessory like a tote is an excellent conversation starter and a stylish item that’s practical for daily use. Be it a regular day at work or stepping out for lunch with friends, the best canvas tote manufacturer in India has the ideal bag for every purpose.

Green, reusable totes are all the rage nowadays and are fast replacing plastic shopping carriers all over the world. Out of the many varieties, canvas totes are the most popular and widely preferred type. At its core, a canvas tote bag is a wholly functional accessory – two handles and one big compartment offer the most basic form of portability. Totes made of canvas are a great way of carrying your stuff and their increased popularity further proves that these eco-friendly products are a super accessory.

Confused about what has made totes an everyday item that everyone already has or wants to have? Check out below.

Different Uses Of Canvas Tote Bags In Everyday Life

1. For Shopping

One of the most important uses for totes offered by a top canvas tote bag manufacturer in India is a reusable shopping bag. Many homeowners prefer totes made of canvas over plastic carriers as they are lightweight and eco-friendly. Shopping tote bags are impeccable as a method of carrying and bringing shop-bought products home. No matter whether it’s the latest trends from a clothing shop or food from the market, canvas tote bags are strong enough to carry your purchases.

2. For School Or College

Heading to school, college or? Canvas totes are an excellent way to hold your books and notebooks while in transit to class. You can use your tote for carrying your pencil cases, reading materials, as well as other school supplies. No matter whether you are scrutinising the neighbourhood library or have an exhibition to attend, a quality canvas tote is durable enough to carry your things. Also, you can purchase tote bags in a range of hues and structure varieties to coordinate your style.

3. For Picnic Or Beach

Looking to visit a beach this weekend? With a lot of space to hold a towel, bathing suit, sunscreen, and different things, beach tote bags can be the best carryall for your outing. The leading canvas tote manufacturer in India offers beach totes that are durable, stylish, and polished to withstand the sun and sea.

Want to take your family on a speedy outing but don’t have a small suitcase at home? Enter the canvas tote. High-quality canvas tote bags with zippers are enormous enough to fit your things. From food and drinks to toiletries, the uncompromising synthesis of the tote makes it perfect for carrying your picnic essentials.